The Story of Pow Sing Restaurant

Pow Sing was started by Mr Lee Chin Soo & Mr Steven Tan in the year 1983. Being traditional Hainanese they wanted to share with Singaporeans the true taste of "Hainanese Chicken Rice" and hence "Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice" stall was opened at the very address that is "Pow Sing Restaurant" now.

In the year 1989 the partners felt that they could do more to promote Singaporean food and so they hired a traditional Nonya Chef and "Pow Sing Hainasese Chicken Rice" changed name to "Pow Sing Restaurant". In 2008 “Pow Sing Kitchen” was born to provide and serve the public with the best local cuisine.

Pow Sing has endear generations of customers and till this day families that patronise Pow Sing when it just opened as a Hainanese Chicken Rice stall still do and the thing that keeps them coming back is the true to form " Hainanese Chicken Rice" that has never changed since its opening.
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